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Guaranteed model: Avis Prestige

Treat yourself to an extraordinary drive.

Featuring some of the most desirable motorcars on the planet, the Avis Prestige fleet includes executive saloons, hushed hybrids, luxury 4x4s, energetic electric sedans and suave coupé and convertible sports cars … plus a selection of astonishing supercars.

From high-calibre executive Jaguars and sporty Porsches to sleek BMWs, top-of-the-range Land Rovers and sassy Mini Roadsters, you will find an astonishingly good car to commandeer for every occasion. Check your chosen location to see which of these vehicles are available on your travels across Europe.

Prestige car hire in the UK
Prestige Car rental in estonia

Prestige car rental in Estonia

Explore Estonia with prestige car fleet

Prestige car hire in the UK

Prestige car hire in the UK

Choose from our luxury range in Britain - selected to ensure the perfect drive.

See our tempting car hire offers from around the world

Prestige car hire in Italy

Hit Italian roads in one of five spell-binding new Mercedes coupés and 4x4s.

Prestige car hire in the Netherlands

Prestige car hire in the Netherlands

Cruise through Holland's gentle terrain in a perfectly matched Mercedes S-Class or GLE.

Drive Avis Prestige in Switzerland

Prestige car hire in Switzerland

Whoosh past lakeside paradises, folkloric villages and alpine beauty in an equally compelling vehicle.

Prestige car hire in Norway

Prestige car hire in Norway

Norway demands to be discovered in a Prestige car. What will it be? A turbocharged Augi A8 or a super-speedy Tesla Model S?

Drive Prestige in Denmark

Prestige car hire in Denmark

Explore Denmark in a jaw-dropping ride from Porsche or Mercedes. Or might a muscular Ford Mustang be more to your liking? 

Drive Prestige in Germany

Prestige car hire in Germany

Navigate Germany's autobahns in the Porsche of your choice.

Prestige car hire in France

Prestige car hire in France

Purr alongside southern sunflower fields in a high-spec Audi or coast the Cote d’Azur in a convertible sports car.